We are closing

GANTTplanner is finally closing its door by the end of 2019. We like to thank you for the overwhelming support we have received throughout the years. You can still log in and use GANTTplanner until December 31st, 2019, but new signups are disabled. Even after closing, you can continue to access your data directly in Google Calendar.

Introducing TeamCal

TeamCal has successfully operated for the last three years and is the direct result of your feedback. You asked for what Google Calendar is missing: a flexible scheduling view for multiple calendars. Essentially, a tool to help save time, hassle, and double-booking. With Team Cal, you can do just that. As such, we will be focusing on TeamCal moving forward, and invite you to learn more about it on the official website www.teamcalapp.com.
TeamCal app

How it works

TeamCal’s “Schedule View” is a new horizontal view for Google Calendar that displays many calendars at once. See employee availability easily by comparing events on a timeline. With a quick glance, you can identify scheduling gaps and prevent overbooking.